November 2019

UK General Election 2019

With virtually all cycling-related policy now a Scottish rather than a UK responsibility we are not asking individual candidates for statements or holding a hustings for the UK General Election. However, as always, we tell you which candidates are Spokes members and give any useful further information including local hustings organised by others.

Election Hustings & Events in Edinburgh and Lothians (+ a few events relevant to all Scotland)

Constituency (or wider)Date..Time..Where..Notes..
Linlithgow & E FalkirkNov 241430Bathgate EU United Reformed Churchclimate hustings
LivingstonNov 251630 West Lothian Collegeclimate hustings
Edinburgh North & LeithNov 251830Pilrig Churchhustings –
Edinburgh South West and South Nov 261900Polwarth Parish Churchhustings
Midlothian Nov 271900 St. John’s & Kings Park Church hustings
Edinburgh/ Scotland/ UKNov 291100Scottish Parliament [outside]climate strike UK Scotland
ScotlandNov 291500Scottish Power HQ, Glasgowclimate hustings
East Lothian Dec 21930Saltoun Kirkhustings
Edinburgh SouthDec 21930Morningside Parish Churchhustings
Edinburgh EastDec 21830Southside community centrehustings
Livingston Dec 41900Livingston United Parish Churchhustings
Edinburgh East Dec 51900Portobello Baptist Churchhustings
Edinburgh East Dec 51500Augustine United, Geo IV Brdisability hustings
All EdinburghDec 61730Usher Hall [outside] then Princes Streetclimate justice speeches/ vigil
Linlithgow & E FalkirkDec 81915St Michaels Kirk Hall, Linlithgowhustings
East Lothian Dec 101930Belhaven Church Hallhustings
Edinburgh WestDec 101930St Thomas Church, Costorphinehustings

Candidates who are Spokes members

At the 2017 general election only 2 candidates were Spokes members, but we are pleased to see 4 this time!   Please let us know at once if you spot any omissions.  As always, we only list candidates who were Spokes members at the time the election was called.

We do not endorse candidates.   The choice is yours.

Edinburgh East

Sheila Gilmore  Scottish Labour

Claire Miller  Scottish Green Party

Edinburgh North and Leith

Gordon Munro  Scottish Labour

Edinburgh South

Ian Murray  Scottish Labour

Party websites and Manifesto links

Manifestos Climate analysis by Greenpeace

Manifestos Climate analysis by FOE (only covers E&W)

Manifestos Cycling analysis by The Guardian

Party Website UK
Website Scotland
Brexit none? UK
Conservative UK
Green E&W  Scotland
Labour UK Scotland
LibDem UK
SNP n/a Scotland


Community information websites

A huge bonus from the digital world is the vast amount of community information made available by skilled people, often volunteers, working together in organisations such as My Society, Democracy Club and Who Targets Me – funded in whole or part by voluntary donations. Their political online tools, most of which you use by entering your postcode, include…

  • SwapMyVote Is your preferred party a no-hoper in your seat? Swap your vote with someone where it could really count.
  • WhoCanIVoteFor See your candidates, then click on each for a mass of publicly available background information [local by-elections are also listed]
  • WhereDoIVote How to find your polling station
  • ElectionLeaflets A massive resource of election leaflets, used for research and to hold those elected to account. – You can help by photoing/scanning and uploading any that you receive
  • WhoTargetsMe? A browser extension to crowdsource political adverts
  • TheyWorkForYou Click on your MP or MSP, and find publicly available info about their activities [Obviously during an election period MPs become ‘former MPs’ but, remarkably, during election night the new MP names are entered into the site almost in real time!]
  • WriteToThem Find and email any of your elected representatives, from councillors to MEPs.

Election pages from local Councils

Including registering to vote, how to be a candidate, full lists of local candidates, important dates, etc, etc…

Other useful sites


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