November 2019
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UK General Election 2019

With virtually all cycling-related policy now a Scottish rather than a UK responsibility we are not asking individual candidates for statements or holding a hustings for the UK General Election. However, as always, we tell you which candidates are Spokes members and we give links to useful further information.

Candidates who are Spokes members

Once full lists are published for Edinburgh and Lothians constituences we will check them carefully, but please let us know at once if you spot any omissions.  At the 2017 general election only 2 candidates were Spokes members, but we are pleased to see 4 already this time!  As always, we only list candidates who were Spokes members at the time the election was called.

We do not endorse candidates.   The choice is yours.

Edinburgh East

Sheila Gilmore  Scottish Labour

Claire Miller  Scottish Green Party

Edinburgh North and Leith

Gordon Munro  Scottish Labour

Edinburgh South

Ian Murray  Scottish Labour

Party websites and Manifesto links

Party Website UK
Website Scotland
Brexit none? awaited
Conservative awaited
Green awaited
Labour awaited  Public comment sought by Nov 6
LibDem awaited
SNP n/a awaited

Election pages from local Councils

Including registering to vote, how to be a candidate, full lists of local candidates, important dates, etc, etc…


East Lothian


West Lothian

Other useful sites (forthcoming we hope!)

It’s early days but in 2017 there were useful UK election blogs from Campaign for Better Transport and Sustrans so these may appear again.

There was also a great open source website called Your Next MP covering candidates in all UK constituencies with contact info for most candidates and known hustings for each constituency.


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