September 2020

Midlothian Mapped

The 5th edition of our highly praised Midlothian Cycle Map is out!! The entire county was surveyed by local Spokes volunteers, together with Edinburgh OpenStreetMap group, and the map was then completely revised and updated by a skilled volunteer Spokes member cartographer.

Also used by walkers, the map is invaluable for everyone seeking safe routes to shops, work or school and for leisure route planning – and for other imaginative purposes!

The 5th edition includes exciting and valuable new features, including…

  • Midlothian’s many new housing developments
  • Contours and shading, to identify gradients and hills
  • Revised and updated visitor and leisure destinations text and pictures
  • Printed on water and tear-resistant ‘paper’ (a recyclable polythene)

Spokes maps of Edinburgh and the Lothians have now sold over 140,000 copies since the first Edinburgh edition. This is no surprise, given the high praise they receive…

  • Your maps are invaluable and the detail amazing, far better than any other commercially available maps
  • After years with online maps, was surprised how much I preferred a real one
  • Just bought my first Spokes map- what a terrific buy!

Speaking of the new map, Provost Peter Smaill of Midlothian Council said…

  • These routes act as a thread connecting so many sites of architectural and landscape interest, so that anyone with a bicycle has dividends ahead in terms of local knowledge, as well as physical fitness

In addition to Midlothian Council, the map was also supported by SEStran Regional Transport Partnership and Sustrans Scotland. SEStran is soon to launch a Midlothian e-bike hire scheme, GO e-bike, and important Sustrans NCN routes run through the Council’s area.

We are excited and proud that this was our first entirely volunteer production for many years – surveying, map making, launching and distributing to shops. Printing of course had to be paid for, and is not cheap, particularly with the special rain-resistant paper used, so we were very appreciative of the support above!

There’s a great article about the map in Midlothian View.

Special Offers [end 31 October]

The map sells in local bike shops at the excellent normal price of £6.95.

However, until 31 October you can also order direct from Spokes at the following special prices…

  • Single copies (or up to 5 copies) £6 each including postage. To order 1-5 copies, email
  • Order 6 copies for £27. Perfect to resell at your workplace, school or amongst friends and relations – give them a cheap price or raise cash for a charity. To order 6 or more copies, email

Help us promote the Midlothian map – and other Spokes maps

  • If you find a local bike shop that is sold out of the Midlothian map, or a shop that would like to stock this or other Spokes maps, email
  • Retweet our tweet about the map or like/share our facebook article
  • Find out more about Spokes maps on our maps page.

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