March 2010

Tram TROs ctd – Spokesworker 9.3.10

More detail about the implication of the tram Traffic Regulation Orders is spelt out in the new issue of Spokesworker, along with more news, dates, and things you can do to help our never-ending campaign for better cycling conditions…

Find Spokesworker 9.3.10 under the tab at the top of the page.   Main story…

Tram Traffic Regulation Orders [closing date for objections March 20].  The article lists the banned entries and banned turns which we think are most likely to affect cyclists – and how to object.  For more background on the TROs see our earlier news itemEven if only one of the proposals concerns you – please put in an objection to it!

Stop press – Since the new Spokesworker article was written one of our members has just reported on the TRO schedule dealing with one-way streets.  Most (or perhaps all) of them are existing one-way streets which have to be redesignated for technical reasons – but that’s no reason for not objecting that some of them should be made 2-way for cyclists as the Orders are anyway being changed [see council principles on 1-way streets, quoted in Spokesworker].   After an initial look, our member suggests the following should be considered – this means objecting to the proposed 1-ways for these streets…

  • contraflow either along N St Andrew Lane, or on the N side of St A Square
  • 2-way status for the southbound part of Hope St (though this may be the intention)
  • contraflow on the east section of Coates Cres, to access Walker St
  • Rutland St – a contraflow could be useful, as part of a route from EICC to West End via the overbridge over the WAR
  • Constitution St – contraflow in proposed 1-way southbound from Links Lane to Laurie St.
  • Also – how about Morrison St? – a few cyclists already use the pavement
  • There may be others which you consider important – if so, tell us

Please note that ‘contraflow’ cycling can be enabled by having a cycle-slip entry at the banned end of a 1-way street, without the need for a contraflow lane – this may be a good solution in streets without a lot of traffic.

Other items in the new Spokesworker…

  • Commuting with kids – we need your ideas
  • Developments bad for bikes – send us examples
  • Sustrans 2020 campaign – support More Haste, Less Speed
  • Dates €“ meetings to question politicians [Green transport MSP and UK election candidates for Lab, Con and LibDem], discussion on climate change inaction, path cleanups, Bike Week, Cyclenation conference, etc
  • and more…

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