July 2010

Spokes Tenements Bike Parking Project

The Spokes CCF-funded project to produce comprehensive materials on living with a bike in a flat or tenement is underway…

Spokes is now working with consultants TPi, and by this autumn we hope to have detailed online information on the many ways in which bikes can be stored – including in-flat, in-stair, backgreen, special rooms, onstreet, etc.  The materials will cover not just the ‘hardware’ but also the more complex issues of planning, management, council procedures, etc; and although the research is primarily based in Edinburgh we expect the results also to be of great use in other towns and cities with flats and tenements.

A tenements parking project web page has been set up in our downloads section to hold the main documents as the project proceeds.  Contact details are also on that page, in case you have useful experience, ideas or information to pass on to the project.

In addition to the online materials, we are also considering further forms of dissemination and discussion of the materials from the project.  This could include printed factsheets, a 4-page supplement in our autumn Spokes Bulletin and/or an autumn public meeting on this topic.

The project does not include practical bike parking implementations, but already a number of community groups and individual tenements are keen to use the materials to identify solutions for their own situation and to help in drawing up funding applications where necessary.   Edinburgh City Council has also included in the draft Cycle Action plan an exciting commitment to “pilot on-street residential bike parking” as well as to “pilot improved bike parking for existing social housing” once our materials are available.

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