August 2010

Spokes competition 2010 – new entry form

You don’t have to be an artist to enter our Spokes summer competition…

If you’ve a great idea we are very pleased to receive your entry in words alone – although a sketch and/or pasted-in photo are also fine.   To make things simpler for the non-artist we have now drawn up a competition entry form which is downloadable or printable from our 2010 competition downloads page.   Of course, entries need not use this form, as long as you follow the rules on the competition information sheet.

Other updates to the competition…

a. The closing date has been slightly postponed to 28 September, so as to catch our Spokes stall at Painting Edinburgh Green, 25 September.

b. Rule clarification – there are a maximum of 2 entries per person.

For full details of rules, prizes and other information, download the  information sheet from our 2010 competition downloads page.   It has been updated with the above two changes. Prizewinners and hopefully prizewinning entries will appear there once the results are announced.

Note too that our downloads – competitions page has now been updated to include results (some serious, some amusing, some quirky!) from several of our earlier competitions –  including favourite bike jokes, favourite bike recipes, favourite local rides and best local cycle facility.

For our 2010 competition, briefly, we want you to come up with a bright idea for an artwork which would add to the interest on one of the bike paths in Edinburgh or the Lothians.  You don’t need to be an artist to enter – an entry in words alone is fine – we’re looking for your brilliant idea, not your personal artistic genius! Of course, you are welcome to include a sketch and/or paste in photos if helpful to your idea.

There are 9 excellent prizes, some of which are bike-related, others art-related, others look more obscure, even one coming right out of the blue!

We hope to exhibit the winning entries – possibly at our autumn public meeting, or possibly more widely.   We will also pass them on to other relevant organisations who may be considering installing actual artworks – so there’s even a slight chance that a truly amazing idea could end up as an actual project for everyone to see (and/or experience?)

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