September 2010

“the most detailed and comprehensive …”

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) has just published a new briefing paper, Cycling in Scotland: Update 2010.

Cycling in Scotland: Update 2010 [link to pdf 546k][SPICe briefing 10/62] incorporates data from the Spokes annual surveys of cycle project investment in Scotland, which it calls  “the most detailed and comprehensive overview of annual public sector cycle expenditure available.”   Our most recent survey can be found in Spokes Bulletin 107.

The Spice Research Briefings are intended as impartial documents to inform MSPs and others involved in the work of the Scottish Parliament. They are independent research publications for the entire Parliament, not decided by or controlled by the party which is in government.

The new briefing, published on 28 September, deals only with cycling as transport, not as sport.   It summarises…

  • the Scottish legislative and policy framework on cycling, particularly the 2010 Cycling Action Plan for Scotland, CAPS
  • the 2010 Inquiry into Active Travel by the Parliament’s Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee
  • main agencies and organisations in cycling policy and delivery
  • the National Cycle Network
  • statistics on cycling in Scotland
  • funding for cycling projects in Scotland
  • sources used in the document
  • actions and intended outcomes of CAPS

Footnote: As the Briefing Paper notes, the latest Spokes data was published prior to the release of CAPS, and its accompanying funding boost for the current year 2010/11.  We had assumed a likely CAPS rise of £2m for 2010/11, whereas the actual increase was £3.9m.   Revised Spokes estimates for likely total Scottish cycle project investment in 2010/11, taking account of this and other changes, will appear in the next Spokes Bulletin, no. 108.

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