October 2010

Spokes path art competition results

Our two top prizewinners came up with really imaginative ideas which are not just to look at but, most of all, to experience whilst cycling

Our competition this year asked for bright ideas for new artworks for off-road paths in Edinburgh or the Lothians.  There was a great range of suggestions, reflecting diverse perspectives on local cycle paths and their opportunities for people.

The top 2 entries were…

These two ideas appealed very strongly to the judges because to experience them fully you have to be actually cycling on or through them – they are not just things to cycle to, or to stop and look at beside the path. Rather, they provide dynamic, mobile experiences with sound and sensation from actually cycling along the path, as well as embodying a great sense of fun.

Several themes emerged from the entries …

  • Fun! acoustic effects, things to discover (a treasure hunt, fruit, semi-hidden sculptures), joy of motion.
  • Raising awareness of paths and destinations, and so stimulating greater usage.
  • Encouraging children and family cycling
  • Attractive functional additions: interesting signs and entry points, racks, seats etc.
  • Community involvement in design and possibly management.

It would be fantastic if some of the inspiration generated by the competition could be developed further, with a view to some actual art installations along paths.  We are passing the results to various relevant organisations, and will contact entrants if any opportunities present themselves.  We also suggest that anyone interested in the topic does some follow-up themselves, with their own ideas.   Please contact Spokes if you have any suggestions for concrete follow-ups.

Spokes thanks all entrants, our prize donors, and Spokes member and well-known Edinburgh architect Ben Tindall who assisted in the judging.

On our Spokes competitions web page you can find…

  • Overview report with names of prizewinners and prize donors
  • Summary of all entries in prizewinning order
  • Complete set of all entries in full
  • Competition entry form and information sheet

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