December 2010

Bike storage offer [ends 17 Jan]

There’s an opportunity to buy bike racks and other storage equipment at reduced cost – but you must order by 17 January.

Edinburgh City Council will be placing an order for bike parking equipment in January (for schools etc).  Anyone interested in ordering bike storage equipment for their tenement or other such location is welcome to order from the supplier who wins the tender.  Delivery costs will then be shared, significantly reducing costs.  Equipment ordered should arrive in mid-February.

This supports the Council’s wish for better domestic bike storage opportunities, which are recognised in the Council’s Active Travel Action Plan as a constraint on bike ownership and use in the city.

To get an idea of available products, look at the websites of the following companies whom the Council is asking to quote…

As ball-park figures, a 5 hoop ‘toastrack’ standalone bike rack (for 10 bikes) would be around £300 whilst a 10 bike shelter with rack would be about £3000 plus installation. Bespoke items could be considered, though may take longer to supply.

If you are interested, please proceed as follows…

  • Have a look at the Spokes storage web page and factsheet to get an idea of the different kind of approaches you might consider.   Be certain you select equipment which meets all your security and convenience needs – most suppliers still sell some equipment which is not fit for purpose, such as ‘wheel-twisters.’
  • Ensure your neighbours, landlords, and any other relevant persons, are content with whatever storage improvements are planned, especially if in a common stairwell, garden or backgreen.  You may also wish to discuss with them sharing of costs, or raising funds.
  • It’s important to check if you live in a listed building or conservation area as this may prevent you attaching anything.  A stand-alone rack may get around this issue and would not incur the cost or inconvenience of installation.   See the Spokes factsheet for summary information on other regulatory questions which you should check if necessary.
  • Measure the width of the door through which deliveries would be made as well as the space available for a bike rack in a stair or back green.
  • If you and/or fellow residents are interested in going ahead, or have further queries, please contact by 6pm on Monday 17 January.

Spokes will be very interested to hear if you take up this offer, and how you get on.   Let us know by emailing [address operational from late December].   But please note that Spokes is merely passing on the information about this offer – we are not involved in the arrangements and you should deal solely with the above council contact for that.

Please also pass this information on to anyone you know who might be interested in making bike storage improvements where they live.

This offer applies only if you live in the area of Edinburgh City Council.

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