December 2010

Spokes flats/tenements Bike Storage fact-sheet

The much-anticipated Spokes fact-sheet and product database on residential bike storage are now available…


Our downloadable bike storage materials (factsheet and products database) provide information and ideas to help you, your stair, and/or your local community in improving local bike storage inside or outside your tenement/flats.   In February a cut-down printed version of the online fact-sheet will also be available.


These materials are just the first stage of wider activity by Spokes and others aiming for ongoing improvements in residential bike storage across the city, to enable more people to cycle more often.   We’d like your help…

  • Once you have read our materials, do you have comments or suggestions on them or on the wider project?
  • Are you as an individual, or your local stair or community group, taking action to improve local bike storage?
  • Do you have an implemented solution that might be helpful to others?  We hope to compile a set of case studies to inspire others across the city.

If any of these apply you can help us by filling in a short Survey Monkey questionnaire or, if more convenient, by emailing

The current Spokes project, which has produced the above materials and has stirred a lot of interest in several local areas and in the Council, was possible due to a grant from the Government’s Climate Challenge Fund.

It has been announced that existing groups can apply for continuation funds.  If you have an idea for developing the project further, and would like to be involved in the next stages, please get in touch as soon as possible – contact  If we apply for continuation funds, our application has to be submitted by 14 February 2011.

We are particularly keen for follow-on projects which use the above materials to achieve practical local bike storage installations.  For an application to succeed, projects must be expected to result in significant carbon reductions, have the community at the heart of decision-making and leave a positive legacy for the community.

SPECIAL OFFER [closes 17 January]

Meanwhile the council has a special offer for any person or local community wishing and able to purchase bike storage equipment.  See Bike Storage Offer news item.

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