March 2011

Bulletin 109: transport spending out of kilter

Without a major change of policy after May’s Holyrood election, the Scottish Government will fail to meet its praiseworthy and potentially achievable target for 10% of trips to be by bike in 2020…

The new Spokes Bulletin 109, Spring 2011 calls for the balance of Scottish transport investment to be re-jigged, with an absolute minimum 2.5% to cycling if there is to be some real hope of reaching the target.   Ideally 10% should go to active travel as a whole – as in the SCCS manifesto, supported by Spokes and 60 other Scottish organisations; and as recommended by the Association of Directors of Public Health [see their Advocacy section] in a report Action on Active Travel signed by over 100 transport, health and other bodies.

There are many ways in which transport spending could be rejigged – but that did not happen in the recent Scottish budget.   Instead, shockingly, the government intends to sign a £2,300,000,000 (£2.3bn) contract for a new Forth Road Bridge in the few weeks immediately before the election – landing any future government with massive potential cancellation charges – despite the fact that the outcome of tests on the existing bridge will be available this year and are thought to be hopeful.

Meanwhile in Wales the government has cancelled its planned M4 extension, and is using a chunk of the huge savings to boost cycling, walking and public transport throughout the nation.

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This issue accompanied our main annual membership renewal, so includes articles on donating and on our uses of email and of paper.  Also…
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