February 2011

Bike Storage: printed factsheet + feedback/news wanted

The new Spokes printed factsheet on domestic bike storage is now available [free] to interested individuals and groups…

Also, we are wanting news of any practical storage initiatives which you or a local group are undertaking, whether in-flat, in-stair, externally or on-street – plus we’d like feedback on the factsheet itself – see survey below.

Spokes now has a range of materials available to help you, your stair, and/or your local community in improving local bike storage inside or outside your tenement/flat.

The Spokes Spring mail-out to Spokes members, now being delivered, includes our new printed factsheet How to Be: a Cycling Flat-Dweller [pdf 1118k].   If you are not a Spokes member and could use one or more printed copies, we are happy to send them out – contact spokes@spokes.org.uk.

A fuller online-only factsheet is also available, downloadable along with a products database and other materials, on our Bike Storage Project page, giving information and ideas on how to go about achieving bike storage, whether by yourself in-flat, or with others in-stair, outside or on-street.

These materials are just the first stage of wider activity by Spokes and others towards ongoing improvements in residential bike storage across the city, to enable more people to cycle more often. We’d like your help…

  • When you’ve read the fact-sheet, do you have any comments or suggestions on it?
  • Are you as an individual, or your local stair or community group, now taking action to improve local bike storage?
  • Do you have a solution you’ve already put in place that might be helpful to others?  We hope to compile a set of case studies to inspire others across the city.

If any of these apply, please help us by filling in a short Survey Monkey questionnaire www.surveymonkey.com/s/XX5982Y or, if more convenient, by emailing spokesbikestorage@spokes.org.uk.

The Spokes Bike Storage project was made possible thanks to the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund.  We now have to send in an evaluation report, and your response to us by email or through the above survey, will be really helpful in preparing this report.

The initial project research and development work is now coming to an end but Spokes will continue campaigning to improve residential bike storage, particularly on-street storage.  Separately from the project, Spokes has also just achieved a useful breakthrough over the bronze, silver and gold awards issued by the Scottish Government to the developers of sustainable buildings.’   Initially the criteria for a ‘sustainable building’ were unbelievably weak on bike storage, but following a campaign by Spokes the government has agreed to re-assess the bike storage criteria.

Further information about the project and about storage developments in Edinburgh will be posted on the website and will appear in the Spokes Bulletin in due course – or contact spokesbikestorage@spokes.org.uk.

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