June 2011

Cyclists & Lothian Buses: audio documentary

Sound artist Emma Quayle has created and donated to Spokes an audio documentary highlighting the efforts of Lothian Buses to create greater understanding of bus/cyclist interaction…

Lothian Buses is unusual in the level of cyclist awareness incorporated into driver training, and this has paid off in several  ways – in particular, several cyclists involved in tramline crashes have told Spokes that the prompt action of a bus driver had prevented further injury.   The company also tries further to increase cycle awareness (and the health of their own staff) by encouraging bus drivers to travel to work by bike.

Emma, who has set up the company Audio Spring, and lives in Edinburgh, has designed and produced a 7-minute audio piece which discusses bus/cyclist interaction and highlights the company’s efforts to instill cycle awareness.   The piece includes interviews with a cyclist caught in a tramline crash and with a bus driver who also expresses strong views about some errant cyclists!

Further relevant information…

For more on cycling and buses … see our buses downloads page.

If you have a Lothian Buses complaint (or compliment) … contact the customer service dept, tel 554 4494, mail@lothianbuses.com. Please report any incident promptly so that the bus external video sound and vision evidence can be inspected before the tapes are wiped.

If you have a tramline crash … even if no injuries, please report it to Edinburgh Trams, copied to Spokes, as on our tram downloads page.



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