March 2014

Understanding Cycling : Spokes Spring Public Meeting

Professor Colin Pooley of Lancaster University will outline findings from the pioneering and controversial Understanding Walking and Cycling  research study.   Edinburgh Council leader Cllr Andrew Burns will respond, followed by a panel discussion.   All welcome!!

Following on from their research, the project team [from Lancaster, Leeds and Oxford Brookes Universities] made seven policy recommendations, including…Posterfinal Spring14Web

  • fully segregated cycle routes on main roads in urban areas
  • restrictions on car parking, speeds and access on other roads
  • changing the system of legal liability, to protect cyclists and pedestrians (the most vulnerable road users) as in most of Europe
  • using planning legislation to ensure facilities are more local and to deter out-of-town centres
  • campaigns to promote cycling and walking as ‘normal,’ not just for the super-fit or the dedicated.

Three points underlie these policy proposals…

  • Changing attitudes is not enough.  The conditions must be changed so that people feel safe and comfortable cycling or walking
  • Do not base policies on the views of existing walkers and cyclists – talk also to those who don’t walk or cycle
  • Physical infrastructure is important, but is not sufficient.  A total environment welcoming to cycling is vital, encompassing policies from areas such as housing, health, planning and education.

Click here  for the full summary of key findings and recommendations [pdf 2.4MB].   For a fuller description see the book Promoting Walking and Cycling, based on the research.

Public Meeting Details

  • Monday 24 March
  • 7.30. Open 6.45 for coffee, stall, exhibition and chat
  • Augustine United Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh
  • More info:  mknottenbelt1[AT] 07501 381018
  • If you’d like a poster, click on the graphic to enlarge it.

Also at the meeting: the winning entries from our Summer 2013 competition, Cycling with a Purpose  will be on display.


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