September 2014

Memorable Moments by Bike

If you’re looking for achievement, pleasure, excitement, if you don’t mind the occasional disaster and love the unexpected – try getting out on your bike!  Our summer competition revealed an astonishingly diverse range of Memorable Moments with a bike…

First prize went to May Cruikshank who has started cycling again after many years, thanks to Edinburgh Council’s Ageing Well group.  For a regular cyclist, experiences like cycling over the Forth Bridge, or putting your bike on a train, can become almost routine, but May reminds us how empowering they are the first time you do them.  However May’s most memorable moment might be a little harder for you to repeat –  cycling into a group of soldiers shooting at each otComp2014_27 SD 1 REDUCED picfinalher in the Pentlands!

Second was Sara Dorman, from a ‘totally cycling’ family, telling the excitement of moving to the next stage as children get older and can do more for themselves.   Sara says…

Last week my 3 1/2 year old son graduated from his childseat to the stoker seat of our tandem.  Now when we go places, his big sister (7) rides her own bike, and he is thrilled to be the stoker.  It’s immensely liberating to have us all moving under own own power (and to be able to carry panniers!)

The top 15 entries

Judging was difficult, with a range of excellent entries, and very varied views amongst the 5-strong judging panel, but after much debate the top 15 entries were chosen as…

  1. May Cruikshank, Alnwickhill
  2. Sara Dorman, Polwarth
  3. Jamie Thin, Gilmerton
  4. David Ivory, Newington [age 7]
  5. Kathleen Brotchie, Pitlochry
  6. Euan Renton, Saughton
  7. Ken Morrison, Shandon
  8. Angus Ivory, Newington [age 9]
  9. Jane Waters, Aberlady
  10. Willian Ivory, Newington
  11. Katharine Wake, Blackhall
  12. Helga Rhein, Broughton
  13. Margaret Hanson, Leith
  14. Louise Humphreys, Leith
  15. Margaret Hanson, Leith

The full set of entries can be seen here [pdf 4.5MB].

Memorable Moment Themes

Several main themes emerged from the competition entries, and many entries covered more than one theme.  Below we give an example for each theme, but see the full set of entries for more.

  • Doing something for the first time    [age 7] This summer we cycled from our house to the canal. We went to pick some blackberries to make jam. We managed to pick enough for at least 10 jars and a bit. I remembered it because it was my first proper cycle ride on the road with my Dad.
  • Countryside pleasures   Eemerging into the full light and heat of the sun from the cool shade of the tunnel, with a mountain on the left, the path ahead and greenery all around but no buildings to be seen. One minute you are in the middle of the city and the next you are not. Wonderful.
  • Campaigning   [age 9] My IMAGINARY memorable moment was when me and my family were cycling to Waverley Station from Newington 2 miles away.  The bike lanes, all the way there, were clear of cars and all the buses and lorries were being considerate by leaving enough space and driving at 20mph max speed. All the other cyclists were smiling and waving at us. Along the route there were no potholes or broken glass.  It was such a nice journey that it was as if it was a dream!
  • The efficiency of cycling  Waving to my colleagues, I weave past the snarled and steaming cars trying to leave the venue, past the long queues for the buses and I’m off. Down Comiston Road, freewheeling most of the way, then cutting away from the traffic through the back streets of Morningside. 10 mins later I have Corstorphine Hill in front of me. I’m virtually home.
  • Cycling with a dog   Showing an early interest in two wheels, our 14 week old bearded collie puppy has his first trip out on the Brompton.  2014 marks my Mum’s 30th year of cycling with beardies. I look forward to continuing the tradition with our new dog!
  • The sociability of cycling  I’m riding along, dressed, as usual, in ordinary clothes, no helmet, no high-viz.  Coming the other way, a middle-aged woman, likewise dressed in ordinary clothes.  She smiles at me. I smile back.  She says ‘good morning!’ I say ‘good morning’!  And we both continue on our merry way.

Thank You!!

Special thanks from Spokes to…

  • Everyone who entered – especially you if you entered!
  • The external judge on our panel, professional storyteller  Andy Hunter of StoryBikes.
  • and…

The sponsors of our great prizelist – fuller details on entry form

Finally – check out the amusing and amazing winners from our previous years’ competitions.    We hope to do another competition next year – why not enter too!!

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