April 2015

UK General Election 2015

Information and links to help you decide…  

With virtually all cycling-related policy now a Scottish rather than a UK responsibility, we are not asking candidates for policies or holding a hustings.

However, as always, we tell you which candidates are Spokes members and we give useful links enabling you to contact candidates with your questions on transport or other matters.

Do make sure you are registered to vote – and/or for a postal vote if that is easiest.   See the Council links below.

Candidates who are Spokes members

  • We have tried to check the full list of Edinburgh and Lothians constituences carefully, but please let us know if there are any omissions
  • We will not add anyone who joins after this point, though of course they will be listed in a future election if still a member and standing again
  • We also include a link to any mentions of the candidates surname on our website [NB – this picks up one or two links to other people of the same name, but it is obvious where this happens]
  • We do not endorse any candidates.   The choice is yours!
Edinburgh East

Sheila Gilmore  Scottish Labour  Spokes website ‘Gilmore’ links

Edinburgh North and Leith

Mark Lazarowicz  Scottish Labour  Spokes website ‘Lazarowicz’ links

Bruce Whitehead  Left Unity  Spokes website ‘Whitehead’ links

Edinburgh South

Ian Murray  Scottish Labour  Spokes website ‘Murray’ links


Ian Baxter  Scottish Green Party  Spokes website ‘Baxter’ links

Election pages from local Councils

Including registering to vote, full lists of local candidates, important dates, etc, etc…


East Lothian


West Lothian

Election Hustings

Please let us know of any others…

Please also inform meetyournextmp.com who are trying to list all hustings UK-wide and who provided some of the info below

Thu 16 April 7.30-9.00 Edinburgh North & Leith

Mon 20 April 7.00-9.00 East Lothian

Mon 20 April 7.30-9.00 Midlothian

Tue 21 April 11.00-13.30 Edinburgh North & Leith

Tue 21 April 1.00-2.00 Edinburgh South

Wed 22 April 7.30-9.30 Edinburgh East

Wed 22 April 3.00-4.00 Edinburgh South West

Wed 22 April 6.30-8.30 Edinburgh South West

Thu 23 April 1.00-2.00 Edinburgh East

Thu 23 April 7.30-9.30 Edinburgh West

Thu 23 April 7.30-9.30 Edinburgh South West

Tue 28 April 7.30-9.30 Edinburgh South West

Wed 29 April 7.30-9.30 Edinburgh South West

Other useful sites

Your Next MP – Open source website covering candidates in all UK constituencies [also with contact info for most candidates]

Unlock Democracy – Includes a ‘vote match’ quiz to see which parties are closest to your views (on a selection of policy issues)

CTC Vote Bike – Views of individual candidates on cycling, and links for you to contact your own candidates

Sustrans election page – with a link to contact your candidates

Transport and the election – BBC transport correspondent views

Manifesto & policy analyses on cycling and/or transport

The Guardian by @peterwalker99  [cycling only]

The Times by @kayaburgess  [cycling only]

BBC transport policy guide – guide to the main transport policies (and other policies) of the parties.  Note that this is not a full guide.  Indeed, at the time of writing this, party manifestos have not yet been published, so this BBC guide currently is only a very outline guide.

What you can do

  • Register to vote if you are not already – see the Council links above.  A postal vote is easy to arrange and is particularly convenient if it will be awkward to get to the polling station on 7 May.

What you have done!

As mentioned above, Spokes has not contacted candidates for this election.  However below are letters from candidates forwarded to us by members who have written to them [NB – in the unlikely event we are overwhelmed we may not get round to pdf’ing and uploading all letters received, but will try to do so at least for any really good ones].

Mark Lazarowicz [Edinburgh North and Leith, Lab]
Neil Hay [Edinburgh South, SNP]

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