December 2015

Top 2015 Tweets: a New Year message?

Here are our most popular tweets from the last 12 months, measured by the number of retweets (RTs).   What will we see in 2016??

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It’s interesting to see that the most popular tweets – overwhelmingly – were about loss of existing facilities rather than opening of new ones.  There is no doubt, for example, that Edinburgh Council’s planned East-West cycleroute is far more significant for the future of cycling in Edinburgh than was the banning of cycling on the Waverley Station ramp.  Yet guess which tweet was the most popular?

The answer may lie in whether or not the closure of an existing facility seems reasonable, rational and well justified to the existing users.   This may well explain the very strong feelings aroused by banning cyclists during the Forth Bridge closure with little evidence of serious consideration, scrapping of Edinburgh’s Saturday and offpeak bus lanes and the closure of the Waverley Station ramp.

Tweets calling for support for positive actions nonetheless are also amongst the top tweets – notably for the Pavement & Double Parking Bill and for Edinburgh Council’s 20mph plans.

82RT  Forth Bridge closure – keep it open to bikes

44RT  Council to cut Saturday & offpeak bus lanes

36RT  Forth Bridge closure – Spokes letter to the Minister

35RT  Support the Pavement Parking & Double Parking Bill

34RT  Spokes public meetingCycling, Transport & Climate

32RT  Bikes on Tram – a UK first for Edinburgh

30RT  Spokes submission on CargoBikes to Parliament ICI Cttee

29RT  Waverley Station ramp closure – please respond to Parliament Inquiry

28RT  Please support Edinburgh Council 20mph plans

28RT  Spokes public meeting on bike/rail

25RT  Household Survey finds 11.8% Edinburgh bike commuting

25RT  Abellio Bike Hire begins at Haymarket

24RT  Scottish Budget 2016/17

24RT  Edinburgh Council, East-West cycleroute consultation

24RT  Go to PoP by tandem to become a top politician!

23RT  Cycling injury per trip is less for women and when cycling is common

21RT  PoP2015 – Minister promises 15/16 cycle cash will equal 14/15

20RT  Spokes Bulletin no.123 – “What’s happening & what you can do”

19RT  Spokes Midlothian Map published

18RT  Cllr Lesley Hinds delighted opening the Innocent-Meadows route

17RT  Spokes Summer Competition – My Favourite Bike Ride

17RT  Council to allow more traffic near footway at child casualty peak time

17RT  Spokes Bulletin 122 – Two cheers & one boo for Edinburgh

…  and of course many other tweets RT’d by fewer people.   Find our favourite tweets (by Spokes and others) here.

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