March 2016

Spokes Bulletin 124: Business backs Bikes

Out now!!  Including: Bikes are good for business, large or small; Edinburgh Bike Life report; Government transport priorities; Holyrood election + many local and national issues …  Read on!! …

Spokes Bulletin 124 is hitting the doorsteps of all Spokes members, 1200 decision-makers across Scotland [including all 129 Scottish MSPs and all 132 Edinburgh+Lothians councillors, transport consultants, health officials, etc, etc] with copies for a further 10,000 other cyclists and interested individuals through bike shops, libraries etc throughout Edinburgh, Lothians and beyond.

click to download Bulletin 124 pdf

click to download Bulletin 124 pdf

You can download Bulletin 124 by clicking the picture, or on our Spokes Bulletin page.  Articles & pictures in B123 include [with links to tweets* or website articles for more info] …

Spokes members in their mailing, in addition to the Bulletin, also get…

Everyone joining Spokes in the next few weeks will be sent these inserts along with the new Bulletin [until they run out].  Having more members helps us – and we hope to help you in return by keeping you in touch with what’s happening and what you can do about it!  You’ll get a roughly-monthly email in addition to the thrice-yearly Bulletin.

We have spares of the new Bulletin for bike leafletting at workplaces, shops etc – let us know if you could use a supply.    Many Spokes members take a regular supply of each issue for their local workplace, shops or other useful destinations.

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