August 2017

George Street – Festival bike route

Spokes has had a series of useful discussions with the organisers, Essential Edinburgh, over maintaining the George Street cycleroute during the Festival.

Obviously the Festival is vital for the city, and some disruption is inevitable.  However, it was essential that lessons were learned from last year’s problems – such as the narrow ‘lane’ with barrier feet protruding into it – and they have been.

Whilst nothing is perfect, the new arrangements (see drawings below) are a big improvement on last year and the organisers have been very willing to discuss and adjust initial plans. The stretch on cobbles is unfortunate but is at least a good width, unlike last year.

Whilst the preparatory works were underway there were a number of teething problems over 2 or 3 days, but after a walk-through with the organisers these have been sorted.

We have also pointed out to the organisers several issues that will need monitored during the Festival.  These include…

  • ensuring no vehicles park on the cycle lanes
  • checking that cycling past the anti-ram barriers works ok
  • ensuring that the signage at the end of each block makes it very clear that the road remains open for bikes.

Spokes and Essential Edinburgh would both be pleased to have feedback from users on this year’s arrangements.

We cannot promise that Spokes can respond rapidly to any immediate feedback during the Festival – we are all volunteers! – but anyone experiencing serious problems should email the senior project manager, Grant Stewart

Hanover St – Frederick St                Click for pdf

Castle St to Charlotte Sq.    Apologies, our software couldn’t convert the text from the supplied format, but click picture for full pdf.

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