December 2020

Bicycle Film Festival Edinburgh

Edinburgh Festival of Cycling [EdFoC] like so many events, fell to the covid pandemic in 2020. Now, to start 2021, EdFoC has teamed up (virtually) with the international Bicycle Film Festival – now coming to Edinburgh January 15-24. And Spokes is running a competition with 3 prizes of ticket refunds.

The Film Festival moves from city to city, and at any time during your city’s Festival you can stream a great 90-minute film collection curated by the International Festival.

This year’s collection take you on a journey around the world – learn about a charismatic Ghanaian immigrant in Amsterdam who teaches refugee women to ride bikes – experience a birds-eye view of a BLM bicycle protest ride from New York to DC – feel the anguish of a father’s loss – the struggle of a young woman and her bike in Iran – and reprieve from genocide through cycle sport. Here is the Edinburgh trailer.

BFF has been celebrating bicycles through art, film and music for the last 20 years and has an incredible history of working with the most important artists, film-makers, venues, and institutions around the world. The physical BFF spanned the world in over 90 cities to an audience of over one million people, and for 2021 is continuing in virtual form.

How the virtual Film Festival works

A ticket allows you to view the 90-minute film package at any time during the period January 15 – 24, 2021, streamed to your computer, tablet, or smart TV by simply clicking on the link provided by email. You can view the content in one sitting, or at your leisure, from your own home.

There are 3 ticket prices, all of which provide exactly the same content, but the middle and higher prices enable you to give extra support to both EdFoC and to the international film festival. It is completely up to you which price ticket you choose.

The basic ticket is $10 (plus a small fee), and to give extra support to EdFoC and BFF there are tickets at $15 or $20 (plus small fee).

Buy your tickets HERE

Spokes ticket-refund competition

Spokes is offering (in effect) free tickets to 3 lucky winners. You will still buy your ticket but we will then refund you £10, which is roughly the cost of the basic ticket+fee [if you buy one of the more costly support-tickets we will still only refund you the basic £10].

How to enter the competition…

  • Entries only accepted if you follow these rules
  • Complete this slogan, “Bikes are best because…”
  • Do not use more than 15 additional words
  • Email with your slogan
  • The competition closes at midnight on Tues 12 January
  • The best slogans will be judged by members of Spokes Resources Group on 13 January, using their own opinions
  • We will inform you by Thurs 14 January if you are a winner. If you are not a winner we will not contact you.
  • If you are a winner, email us proof that you have bought a ticket (e.g. a screenshot or a copy of the email)
  • We will then put you in touch with our treasurer to transfer the £10 to your bank
  • Members of Spokes Resources Group may not enter the competition

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