January 2023

Postponed: SpokesMtg on new Edinburgh transport policy documents

Our planned Feb 24 meeting has been postponed – new date likely in May. The forthcoming public consultation is promised to contain a lot more detail on specific options than in the policy documents, and so it feels more productive to hold the public meeting once the consultation is underway.

Meanwhile you can see our initial thoughts on the policy documents, particularly the Active Travel Action Plan, and links to all the documents, here. Tweet.

Edinburgh Council is publishing a new draft Active Travel Action Plan (ATAP) and a slew of other draft transport policy documents in late January for public consultation during the Spring, and then – we hope! – action. Will they live up to the Council’s exceedingly tough ambition to cut car-km 30% by 2030, alongside greatly increased travel by foot, bike and public transport? Will they lead to speedy implementation? Our meeting is your opportunity to find out!


  • Cllr Scott Arthur, Edinburgh City Transport Convener – speaking on the Council’s intent
  • Daisy Narayanan, Head of Placemaking & Mobility – more detail on the policy documents, particularly ATAP and the Circulation Plan
  • Adrian Davis, Professor of Transport & Health at Napier Transport Research Unit – he will critique the policies – are they sufficiently ambitious? will they work?

  • … followed by our one-hour panel QA, chaired by Dr Caroline Brown, Spokes member, Transform Scotland policy adviser, transport academic – your chance to interrogate and challenge the speakers


  • Where Augustine United Church 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL
  • Date Friday 24 February
  • Time  Starts 7.30, Ends 9.30.  Doors open 6.45 for coffee, stalls and chat
  • Queries & Questions Queries, or questions for the speaker, can be emailed to spokes@spokes.org.uk. However, questions in person from audience members are likely to have greatest priority on the night
  • Online We hope to live broadcast on our youtube channel – details here nearer the time – and make the recording available a few days later

Policy documents

We expect the draft policy documents below to be included in the Spring consultation. Some will be published in late January, and approved for consultation at the February 2 Transport and Environment Committee (TEC), whilst others (linked below) were published for the December TEC.

The new administration is intending one jumbo consultation, rather than the previous approach of a series of separate consultations, so that the Council’s detailed transport intentions will be finalised within the first year of the Council’s 5-year term. Hopefully this will lead to a greater subsequent concentration on implementation – doubtless there’ll be some strong questions on this at the public meeting!

  • Active Travel Action Plan – a major revision on the existing 2016 ATAP, to be published for February 2 TEC. It will be “the biggest and boldest in Scotlandaccording to Cllr Arthur. There are hints of high emphasis on main-road segregated bike provision. Above all, we will be looking for the promise of a joined-up bike network, attractive and suitable for all, not just for the more confident. As of mid January, Spokes has not yet seen any drafts of the new ATAP.
  • Circulation Plan – a major document [December version here; February version awaited] which is expected to evolve further, showing what transport modes will have what level of priority on what roads. This document is of major importance because… “The Circulation Plan will form a strategic framework for all relevant investment programmes, including the major junctions review, the delivery of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, the road and footways renewals programme and the citywide roll-out of School Streets.” Whilst we welcome the concept of the plan, we have two major concerns at this (early) stage
  • Public Transport Priority Action Plan – to be published in advance of February 2 TEC
  • Parking Action Plan – to be published in advance of February 2 TEC
  • Road Safety Action Plandraft approved for consultation at December TEC
  • Air Quality Action Plan (revision) draft approved for consultation at December TEC

Your help needed

Please help publicise our public meeting by passing on the link, liking on facebook and retweeting here.

The 2016 ATAP [click for download] – we expect a major revision!

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