April 2014
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Technical & research documents

Only really useful and/or comprehensive technical links are listed here!!

Note that our website also has a downloads – technical page.

‘Essential Evidence’ Over 100 1-page summaries of research evidence on a huge range of sustainable and active travel issues, by cycling & health specialist Dr Adrian Davis.

Scottish Cycling Design and Policy documents – including Designing Streets and Cycling by Design see Legislation and National Policy page.

CROWDutch not-for-profit government/business organization specialising in design, construction and management of traffic and transport facilities.  Its Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic is widely acknowledged as the standard for Dutch-style provision.  The manual unfortunately costs around 90 euro.  Some of its ideas, and how they might apply in the UK, are in a blog from Pedestrianise London [use the 'Content Quick Index' on right of page].

Scottish Transport Statistics – extremely useful Scottish Government contents page to all main transport stats sources (including link to a page on cycling statistics).

Presto (European) factsheetsinfrastructure factsheets, from cycle lanes to residential bike storage.   Ditto factsheets on promotion and see Presto home page for even more links, policy documents, etc, etc.

Transport Advice Portal – Very well indexed TAP database of technical documents on cycle infrastructure (UK only?)    TAP is sponsored by the Dept for Transport and CHIT.  It covers all forms of road transport infrastructure.

Urban Bikeway Design GuideUS NACTO online design guide for urban area bike infrastructurebased on the experience of the best cycling cities in the world.”

Cycling Embassy of GBresearch documents page -  listing/commentary on useful research papers, categorised under Safety, Policy, Health, Economics, Statistics.