October 2010

Bike storage survey for non-cyclists!!

Are you a non-cyclist, or a very occasional or a would-be cyclist?   If so, do you live in a tenement or flat, where bike storage causes problems for you? – including problems caused by other people’s bikes?

If this is you please help by completing our short residents’ survey, aimed particularly at tenement/flat dwellers who experience problems from parked bikes and/or who might consider cycling for every-day transport but are prevented from doing so due to storage problems.

Spokes is running a project on tackling residential bike storage. We have been awarded a grant from the Climate Challenge Fund to develop information and guidance materials for use by individuals, stairs, developers, councils and others who are looking for the best way to accommodate bikes for every-day use.  We hope this will help stimulate actual storage improvements, to reduce stair problems for everyone and to help people use bikes for their ordinary local journeys.

Last month, Spokes ran a tenement storage survey which generated some very useful responses but nearly all the respondents were existing cyclists.  We are now very keen to hear from NON-cyclists and very infrequent cyclists, particularly if you are annoyed by parked bikes and/or if you would consider cycling, or cycling a bit more, if it was easier to store a bike.

Please go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3WHWRG9 for a short online questionnaire (just 9 questions, and the chance to win a set of Spokes maps – very good for walking too, even if they don’t persuade you to get cycling!)

If you use a bike fairly regularly, please DON’T do the survey – but please pass it on to someone you know who doesn’t have a bike or very rarely uses one.  Do of course contact Spokes direct if you want to raise any issues.

For any problems, queries or follow-up comments about this survey, please email spokesbikestorage@tusks.org.uk.

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