February 2011

Get involved in NPs [Leith & City Centre currently urgent]

Find out what’s happening in your and other local areas within Edinburgh – and help influence things – through the Neighbourhood Partnerships website…

The city is divided into NPs, each of which has a Local Community Plan, usually covering a 3-year period.

Several existing plans end this year, and new ones will be prepared.   Already there are online surveys seeking views from anyone who lives or works in the City Centre [survey closes 14 Feb] or Leith area [closing date unknown].   [We understand that the Leith survey results will be discussed at a public meeting 24 March 2011 at 4.00 pm, but no details on the website as of today].

Find your NP area by typing in your postcode, or selecting your area, on this page… www.edinburghnp.org.uk/home

Then click on local community plan to check out the proposals for your area.   Use the email addresses given to find out more and to send in your suggestions.  Look around the website for other useful local info, events, developments, etc.

Find out about other areas that you visit by using the Change your Partnership dropdown box on any of the NP web pages.

Some areas are fairly cycling-aware, others less so.  The more people who send in useful comments the more is likely to happen!

For more details on NPs, Community Councils, and how they relate to each other, use the Links tab [-> Council links] above, or click direct to our Council Links page.

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