July 2012

Edinburgh SkyRide 8 September 2012

Thousands of people are expected to try out cycling on traffic-free roads in Edinburgh on Saturday 8 September…

Final details of the roads to be cleared of cars will be revealed on the SkyRide website (below) but in total are expected to be over 8km in length, centred around Holyrood Park.  The roads will be free of motor traffic from 10-4, and people of any age can come along and try cycling in a traffic free environment throughout that period.  You can come and you can leave at any time and at any of the official locations – or anywhere you like on the route!

There are no offputting rules about lycra, helmets etc – everyone can come, you can bring any vintage of bike, you can even hire a bike if you don’t have one, and you are welcome in your everyday clothes, whether T-shirt or suit!

The aim is to get 1000’s of people trying cycling.   Glasgow’s SkyRide last year attracted an astonishing 10,000.  Can Edinburgh do even better?

There will be entertainment and stalls at the start/end of the route (near the Parliament) and at key locations along the route.  Stalls will include bike-related, e.g. Dr Bike, bike shops, hopefully a Spokes stall, etc; but there will also be plenty more general entertainment.

See the Edinburgh Skyride web page for more info, and to register your interest.   Don’t miss the lovely video narrated by BBC DJ Edith Bowman showing just how much fun cycling can be!

Meanwhile health experts in Britain and worldwide are asking for roads to be closed to motor traffic, for walkers and cyclists, every Sunday.   The idea started in Bogota, Colombia, and these ‘ciclovías’ are starting to take root in more countries.   If you’d like the same in Edinburgh  – every Sunday – tell your councillors all about itwww.writetothem.com.




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