October 2012

Spokes Bulletin 114

Out now! – the latest on Scottish cycle policy & funding, Edinburgh council projects 2012 & 2013, new shared paths flyer, facts & theories on bike use & safety,…

Spokes Bulletin 114 is hitting the doorsteps of all Spokes members, 1200 decision-makers across Scotland (including all MSPs), with copies for a further 10,000 other cyclists and interested individuals through bike shops, libraries etc throughout Edinburgh, Lothians and beyond.  And of course it’s online here…

Find Bulletin 114 on our Spokes Bulletin page.  Articles in B114 include…

  • [p1] The state of Scottish cycling policy and funding – no cuts this year (unlike last year) but no hope for meeting the government’s cycle use target [as also in our submission to the Scottish Parliament ICI Committee – pdf 153k]
  • [p6-7] Spokes 16th annual survey of Scottish councils cycle funding [2011/12] – cuts in many councils, but a few leaders – and on average councils allocate 2.8% of their own transport funds to cycling investment, unlike Scottish Government’s under 1%.
  • [p3] My Favourite Place by Bikecompetition results
  • [p1] Edinburgh council project openings + plans for 2013 + our concerns
  • [p3] Domestic bike storagecouncil policy conflict, Planning over-ruling Transport – Conservation Quiz!
  • [p5] Facts & theories relating bike use, danger, scariness, infrastructure, helmets, etc
  • And much more..   e.g. Chris Hoy; Climate inaction; Motoring muddle; …
  • The printed version of the bulletin also includes as a centre-page pullout the new Spokes Shared Paths flyer [link] and Edinburgh Bike Station news [pdf 75k].

 If you could use printed copies of the Bulletin [e.g. for colleagues or bikes at your workplace] please join Spokes and ask for a supply.






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