June 2014

Spokes Bulletin 119 : £3m win for Lothians Councils

[Update 4.6.14  Sustrans Map showing the Community Links funding allocations]
Out now!!   Including… West Lothian & Edinburgh win big Sustrans funding; Edinburgh bikes up & cars down; Extending the Meadows cycleroute; Our summer competition with great prizes; HGV driver cycling training; Government cycling cash up 2014 but down 2015 … READ ON

Spokes Bulletin 119 is hitting the doorsteps of all Spokes members, 1200 decision-makers across Scotland [including all Scottish MSPs and all Edinburgh+Lothians councillors] with copies for a further 10,000 other cyclists and interested individuals through bike shops, libraries etc throughout Edinburgh, Lothians and beyond.

You can also download Bulletin 119 on our Spokes Bulletin page.  Articles &/or pictures in B119 include…

  • [p1 and centre] West Lothian Council wins £1.8m for 10 cycling projects including ‘exemplar’  Almondvale scheme.  WLC wins more than any other Council except Fife.  Total WLC cycling investment, including Council 50/50 match funding will be £3.6m.  More West Lothian cycle project news.
  • [p1 and centre] Edinburgh wins £1m for 8 projects, in addition to the previously announced £3.6m Leith Walk Sustrans funding.  Includes consultation/design for citycentre east-west route and linking North Edinburgh to Canal.  More on these projects in this June 2014 Council report.  Edinburgh’s bidding success is partly due to its 7% cycle budget [June 2014 Council report].
  • [centre] Sustrans Community Links supplement – What each council has won.  NB – there are some mistakes in the map.  Quiz yourself to correct them!
  • [p2] Spokes Summer CompetitionMy Memorable Moment – great prizes including first-class rail tickets, bike shop £50 voucher, cinema tickets, …
  • [p3] Middle Meadow Walk – support our ideas for extending the cycleroute.
  • [p4] Edinburgh Council gets it wrong – and right!
  • [p6] Edinburgh Council HGV drivers get cycle training
  • [p6] Rural ‘A’ roads – least safe place to cycle, and a cycle campaigner is hit
  • [p7] Government cycling cash – up in 2014/15 but looks set to fall back 2015/16 unless people like you email your MSPs
  • [p1 & p8] Pedal on Parliament photos
  • [p8] Independence White Paper – note the reference to 27.11.14 should be 27.11.13!  The article is anyway here.
  • [p8] British Cycling changes tune on helmets in excellent new 10-point plan.
  • [p1-p8] and loads more  including…
  • [p8] Getting about by bike the best thing ever!

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