December 2016

Top 2016 Tweets – what and why

Below are the most popular Spokes tweets from the last 12 months, measured by the number of retweets (RTs).   A truly fascinating picture!!

Just look at the amazing range of activity we have been involved in!  Many of the tweets relate to Spokes campaigning efforts, some involving a great deal of time and work.  Our thanks to everyone who helps – most importantly if you email your councillors or MSPs, or help in similar big ways – but even just spreading info and ideas by retweets.

Tweeting is an interesting phenomenon.  The easiest way to get retweets is to post a striking picture or graphic.  But, as with our bulletin and website, we instead concentrate mainly on how you can help push the case for improved cycling conditions … advising of current opportunities, and when and how to act.  Obviously we include pictures to grab attention and to illustrate points, but we rarely post something just for the sake of it.

Just like last year our most popular tweet – by far – was not about new facilities, but losing existing ones.  Last year it was closure of the Forth Bridge to bikes, and cutbacks in bus lanes.  This year – overwhelmingly – the threat to train bike spaces, particularly on the Oban rail line.  Moreover, clicking that tweet takes you to a massive trail of follow-up comments, links to concerned and supportive tweets from individuals and organisations – and to important background Spokes articles advising people what to do about the threats.

Next most significant topic, not surprisingly, was Edinburgh’s East-West City Centre cycleroute plan – starting with the public consultation earlier in the year, then continuing through the ‘Roseburn controversy’ and the final all-party decision to go ahead, including Option A at Roseburn.

Almost as high was concern about the Scottish Budgets, both last year’s 16/17 budget and the current 17/18 draft budget.  The structure of the budget, with continually growing sums going to trunk roads, whilst cycling/walking cash is static, and indeed falls from a mere 1.8% of transport spending to an even smaller 1.6%, is hugely concerning.  In complete and glorious contrast, Edinburgh Council plans to allocate 10% of its transport budget to cycling in 17/18.

Also featuring very high in interest were a wide range of ‘internal’ Spokes initiatives – including our hugely popular 10th edition Edinburgh Cycle Map, and public meetings on the multiple benefits of cycling for business and for health.

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Our 2016 top tweets

175RT Bike/Rail bookable spaces to be slashed on Oban line + Glasgow-Ed down

62RT  East-West cycleroute public consultation – support the route!

45RT  Benefiting Business through Cycling – Spokes public meeting

43RT  Roseburn – Option A selected, thanks Cllr Lesley Hinds

43RT  Scot draft budget 16/17 – Spokes campaign for trunk roads cash shift to cycling

41RT  Spokes Edinburgh 10th edition cycle map published

40RT  Edinburgh onstreet secure bike storage to go ahead

39RT  Scot draft budget 17/18 – trunk road rise is nearly 4x active travel total

38RT  Shopping by bicycle – Spokes summer competition

37RT  Roseburn Option A – how it happened, thanks, and what comes next

31RT  Cycling & Health – Spokes public meeting

25RT  SNP & LibDem councillors vote against Bearsway cycleroute extension

24RT  Massive bike-commuting in Copenhagen

23RT  Scot draft budget 16/17 – Spokes ‘politically realistic’ proposal

22RT  Holyrood elections – comprehensive Spokes information article

21RT  PoP and the Holyrood election – preview

20RT  East-West cycleroute to go ahead

20RT  Cllr Andrew Burns to stand down from Council at election

20RT  Spokes Bulletin 126

20RT  PoP 2016 – Spokes report

20RT  Guide to Borders Railway, including cycling opportunities

19RT  Princes Street deeply bad for cycling & walking

19RT  Spokes traffic count, May – bikes up, cars down – again!

19RT  Spokes traffic count – highest ever November bike percentage

19RT  Call to re-instate Waverley footbridge Calton-OldTown

18RT  SNP councillors vote against 2 main-road cycleroutes, Labour support

18RT  Minister’s positive statement on segregated main road cycleroutes

17RT  Fumes from lorries & buses – how to report

16RT  Scot draft budget 17/18 – trunk roads get biggest rise in entire budget

16RT  Holyrood hustings – Spokes public meeting

16RT  Edinburgh onstreet bike parking – how to find it & request more

16RT  Central Edinburgh World Heritage Area – management plan consultation

15RT  Spokes history – from small beginnings

15RT  Favourite Bike Rides – new Spokes booklet of prizewinning rides

15RT  Edinburgh Council citywide 20mph – phasing map

15RT  Cycling celebrities seek government cycling investment


14RT  Scot draft budget 17/18 announced – not climate friendly

14RT  Spokes call to use Nicola Sturgeon’s £100m Brexit cash for cycling

14RT  Cllr Lesley Hinds to step down from Council at election

14RT  Councils often need your constructive support, in face of opposition

14RT  Increasing road capacity without widening roads

14RT  Edinburgh 2050 vision – but council cycling targets are for 2020!

13RT  Scottish budgets – can Minister explain prioritisation method used?

13RT  Cycling omitted in Scottish Govt Dumfries transport summit

13RT  2017 council elections – how to influence manifestos

13RT  Daily Mail doesn’t understand cycling as transport

13RT  Edinburgh Council gives access to raw bike counter data

13RT  Multiple Edinburgh cycleroute consultations

13RT  Spokes Farmers’ Market stall in EdFoC week

13RT  Leith town centre consultation

12RT  I don’t need a car in Edinburgh, so sold it

12RT  Spokes & Living Streets object to bus lane cutbacks (+ closepass video)

12RT  Spokes Bike Breakfast

12RT  Sestran young people’s XRoute bike/walk report

12RT  Sheriffhall roundabout consultation

11RT  History!  How we got a Meadows Cycleway

11RT  Roseburn – use the local shops (by bike)

11RT  Bikes (and walk) banned from new Forth Bridge

11RT  Spokes member Sarah Boyack is RSPB politician of the year

11RT  Credit for councillors/parties who supported main road segregated routes

11RT  Many motorists admit to using phone when driving

11RT  Copenhagen trains, 60-bike capacity

11RT  Half-Million on Meadows bike counter

10RT  Inspirational Cycle-Hacker Jo Holtan

10RT  Shopping by bike competition – Dutch winning entry

10RT  Local businesses using cargo bikes

10RT  Street redesign to achieve modal shift away from car

10RT  1 year London cycle investment = 4 years for all of Scotland

10RT  Edinburgh poor for cycling compared to many European cities

10RT  Cash available for community bike projects in Scotland

10RT  Edinburgh Car-Free day wanted!


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