May 2017

Public meeting: Tackling Road Danger

It is now widely accepted that quality bike infrastructure is a vital route to substantially more bike use and to further danger reduction, but most roads will still not have protected bike lanes in the near future – so how can danger be reduced in the existing road system?

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Cycling in Edinburgh is now far safer than it used to be.   An average person cycling around 5 miles most days of the week can expect a serious injury (such as a bone fracture, or worse) only about once in every 15 lifetimes*.   When Spokes was founded in 1977 it averaged once in every one lifetime!

Nonetheless one injury is too many – on top of which fear of road danger puts many people off cycling, so they lose out on the pleasure and the health benefits, whilst the city and its residents suffer more motor traffic congestion, noise and pollution than should be the case.

*based on the Edinburgh Bike Life report which says there is one serious injury per 1.1 million miles cycled in Edinburgh

Our public meeting on June 14 will hear and debate the issues and possible solutions with the police, an MSP and road-danger university researchersWe hope the talks, questions, discussion and networking will result in new ideas, opportunities and useful link-ups.

  • Operation Close Pass  PC Dominic Doyle … Using an undercover police cyclist, with helmet-cam, to identify drivers passing cyclist too close
  • Default 20mph limt … Mark Ruskell MSP … A bill in the Scottish Parliament to make 20mph the default urban speed limit

  • Reducing danger from large vehicles … Dr Caroline Brown ... The Urban Institute, Heriot-Watt University
  • Vulnerable road user safety, including by ageSuzanne Meade Transport Research Unit, Edinburgh Napier University
  • followed by a one-hour audience QA/ panel discussion chaired by Kirsty Lewin, trustee of Sustrans UK
  • Wednesday 14 June, 7.30-9.30pm
  • Doors open 6.45 for coffee, stalls & chat.  Tea/Coffee served until 7.15
  • Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh
  • Poster – click poster above to download pdf
  • Queries? / More info?   Email  spokes AT
How you can publicise the meeting
  • Tell interested friends and colleagues
  • Download the poster and disseminate it – click on the poster picture above.  Spokes members will get a printed copy in their summer mailing at the end of May
  • If you’re on twitter please RT our tweet about the meeting.   If doing your own tweets use hashtag #SpokesMtg.
Our meeting is another contribution to the wonderful Edinburgh Festival of Cycling

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