March 2020

#SpokesMtg cancelled due to #Covid-19

Our March 23 public meeting on Local Bike Campaigning has been cancelled.

Although current government advice is that meetings of under 500 people can go ahead, we have received a lot of concern from some of the speakers – and it also looks as if attendance would be very low as many people are staying away from non-essential public gatherings.

However, don’t let this put you off from local campaigning, some of which can be done online! Check out our Local Bike Campaigning factsheet which is also printed as a pullout in Spokes Bulletin 136 and contains the stories of individuals who do their bit in a multitude of different ways.

Click to download the full factsheet pdf

We hope to put on a meeting on local bike campaigning in the future, although this may not be until 2021 as we already have provisional topics for this year’s other public meetings, assuming they are still possible at these times…

  • June 11 : Cross-Boundary Cycleroutes with speakers to be invited from SEStran and the Lothians Councils
  • November : Global Cycling/Transport – a meeting related to COP26 – possibly speakers from other countries


If you wish to find out more, we strongly suggest you use official websites and do not rely on the information circulating on facebook, twitter etc.

There is a great deal of unreliable information which sounds convincing and claims to come from sources such as Unicef, the Royal Free Hospital, etc. Unless the posting includes a genuine link to the website of such organisations, it cannot be trusted.

Official websites include…

Also special advice for cyclists from Cycling UK [this page will be updated as government advice changes]

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