October 2015

Spokes Bulletin 123: Edinburgh 11.8% cycle commuting

Out now!!  Including: Scottish Household Survey confirms Edinburgh cycling/transport successes, though there’s still far to go.  Climate, transport & cycling special issue + many local and national issues …  Read on!! …

Spokes Bulletin 123 is hitting the doorsteps of all Spokes members, 1200 decision-makers across Scotland [including all 129 Scottish MSPs and all 132 Edinburgh+Lothians councillors, transport consultants, health officials, etc, etc] with copies for a further 10,000 other cyclists and interested individuals through bike shops, libraries etc throughout Edinburgh, Lothians and beyond.p1 - all

You can download Bulletin 123 by clicking the picture or on our Spokes Bulletin page.  Articles & pictures in B123 include [with links to tweets* or website articles for more info] …

Spokes members in their mailing, in addition to the Bulletin, also get…

  • Transform Scotland – brochure of transport policy aims for 2016 Holyrood elections
  • C2C – lovely coloured flyer advertising the great new C2C guidebook and other long-distance cycleroute guides
  • Scotland Climate March, 28 November – flyer
  • Climate/transport/cycling poster

Everyone joining Spokes in the next few weeks will be sent these inserts along with the new Bulletin [until they run out].  Having more members helps us and we hope to help you in return by keeping you in touch with what’s happening and what you can do about it!  You’ll get a roughly-monthly email in addition to the thrice-yearly Bulletin.

We have spares of the new Bulletin for bike leafletting at workplaces, shops etc – let us know if you could use a supply.    Many Spokes members take a regular supply of each issue for their local workplace, shops or other useful destinations.

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Correction to Spokes 123, page 1 main article
In the Bulletin 123 main article, about the Scottish Household Survey, we say… “4.2% of Edinburgh people say their main travel mode is bike.”

We should have said…  “4.2% of all Edinburgh journeys are by bike.”

The confusion arose because we took the figure from a government table called Main Mode of Travel 2014.  In fact the table shows all journeys (as recorded by householders in a travel diary).  Of course, many journeys are multi-modal: you may cycle to a train, then walk at the far end.  The statistics record only the longest segment of multi-modal trips, so most cycle trips which are part of multi-modal journeys are not counted, and therefore the 4.2% figure may be a slight underestimate.
Finally, due to the sample size, the 4.2% statistic is +/- 1.2% (with 95% confidence) meaning that the true figure almost certainly lies between 3.0% and 5.4%.

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