December 2018

Top Tweets 2018: a hiatus year

We list the most popular Spokes tweets from the last 12 months, measured by the number of retweets (RTs).  They reflect a year in which there were no major threats to existing facilities or to existing major cycleroute proposals, but where no significant new cycleroute facilities appeared in the heart of the city either, although much future planning took place and of course there was the launch of Edinburgh’s long-awaited Bike Hire scheme.

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As a result, the most popular 2018 tweets tended to be about existing problems/dangers, future plans and current events.  In 2019 we hope to see more starting to happen on the ground!

Comparing this year’s results with previous years such as 2017, 2016, 2015 produces some interesting thoughts…

A threat to an existing facility or to a major promise tends to produce far more interest than a consultation on a new proposal.  It is very rare for a tweet about a consultation to achieve even 30 RTs, whereas threats can reach far higher support – for example these major threats in previous years (with year, and number of RTs) …

After threats to existing or agreed opportunities, the following types of content arouse significant interest…

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Serious dangers experienced or feared, particularly where there is a genuine possibility of action if enough pressure is raised.   For example (with number of RTs) …

Consultations on major projects.   For example…

Spokes public meetings – an important element of local cycling politics, with audiences of 70-100 people coming to hear, interrogate and influence relevant politicians and other experts and decision-makers.

Some important topics, however, achieved surprisingly low levels of interest by our followers…

The new Edinburgh Bike Share scheme achieved only 15 RTs, yet it was undoubtedly Edinburgh’s top 2018 cycling policy implementation and appears to be proving popular.

Unusually, there was little interest in budgets.  However, the previous year’s doubling of Scottish cycle/walk investment and Edinburgh’s continuing ‘10% of the transport budget‘ policy, probably explain this, as cash is currently less of a holdup than previously.

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Of particular note is the low level of interest in tweets about climate change – probably the biggest danger facing our and coming generations, and one where transport has a major role…

Before you read the tweets…
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The 2016 top tweets

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[with number of retweets]

36 George Street future – consultation

32 Spokes public meeting – Diversity Rules – poster

31 Leith Street – Spokes campaign for uphill cycleroute in top section

27 Spokes public meeting – City Centre Transformation – poster

26 Holyrood Park – dangerous cycling conditions in National Park

25 Transport for London graphics demonstrate efficiency of bike transport

24 Leith Walk tramline extension – shocking initial plans revealed

23 Edinburgh Transformation – consultation

22 Life driving bans needed for dangerous drivers

22 Opportunity to reinstate ped/cycle bridge across Waverley

20 Spokes welcomes continuing govt/ScotRail plan for bike carriages

20 Herald poll on all-Scotland 20mph proposals

20 Edinburgh Uni – cargo bike for businesses student research project

19 Causey project drop-in; revised plans are a valuable Spokes victory

19 E-bike doesn’t make you lazy

19 Leith Walk initial tramline plans almost reverse the transport hierarchy

18 Spokes traffic count – highest ever November bike %

18 Census graph shows Edinburgh bike commuting best in Scotland

18 Volunteers sought for new local blind tandem cycling group

17 Spokes public meeting, Cycling & the Tram Extension – poster

17 Leith Walk tram works will ban Leith Walk bikes for 1.5 years

17 Spokes Bulletin 130 published

16 Spokes cash support for local community groups buying a cargo bike

16 Spokes E-bike factsheet published

16 Spokes Bulletin 132 – Waltham Forest Mini-Holland article

16 Glasgow Council Sauchiehall Street ped/bike-friendly plans

16 Spokes member Peter Hawkins removes weeds & soil from A71 footway

15 Leith Street temporary cycle route scrapped following roadworks completion

15 Launch of Edinburgh Cycle Hire – Just Eat

15 Call for ScotGov to introduce presumed or strict liability

15 Spokes Bike Breakfast – poster & advert

15 Edinburgh car-free day, 21 June, with Transport Minister

15 Climate change – Biff cartoon on flying

14 Lives transformed – Spokes 2018 competition results

14 Spokes public meeting report – City Centre Transformation

14 Edinburgh Council to discuss monthly car-free days

14 Picardy Place – Spokes letter to councillors re final decisions

14 Picardy Place – Spokes initial thoughts on near-final design

13 Spokes article – outlook for cycling policy in 2019 Edinburgh

13 Spokes 2018 Competition launched – My Cycling Transformation

13 Spokes member circular, covering Leith Walk trams plans & EdFoC

13 Spokes 40th anniversary – near final exhibition, at Out of The Blue

12  Scot Budget 2019/20 – carbon assessment again omits traffic impact of road building

12 Spokes West Lothian map launch event

12 Spokes response to initial disastrous Leith Walk tram extension plan

12 Lower Granton Road cyclepath – health impacts consultation

12 Roadworks temporary cycle lanes – Leith St Yes, Leith Walk No

12 Edinburgh Cycle Hire, preview try-out

12 Midlothian Green Network – consultation

11 Scotgov data shows its policies will mean big car use increase

11 Spokes public meeting – Diversity Rules – report

11 Spokes Bulletin 132 published

11 Spokes Bulletin 131 published

11 Safety measures phase 3 for existing tramlines – consultation

11 Leith Street – Yet another Spokes attempt to achieve cycleroute in top section

11 Edinburgh Council to consult on Local Transport Strategy priorities

11 North Edinburgh Network path closures during upgrades

10 Spokes cash grants to community groups buying a cargo-bike

10 Spokes EdFoC week events poster

10 Proposed Broughton St junction bike lane scrapped to allow 2 traffic lanes

10 Spokes letter re delays in cycling projects

10 Council holds public meeting on climate change realities

10 UK govt fuel duty freeze on average has cost every citizen £1000

10 Presumed Liability – UK government to look into adopting this

10 Scot Gov transport cash priorities out of kilter with Climate Change realities

10 Letter to Scot Gov re inordinate delay in garden shed planning rule changes

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