March 2021

Covid-19 Bike Support for Key Workers

Bike organisations across Edinburgh and the Lothians, including Spokes, are stepping up to help NHS and other key workers get to work by bike – the offers and support that we know of are listed in this article.

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Covid-19 cycling advice & info

We hope you are keeping well – and following government instructions. This posting includes reliable sources of information and advice for people who get about by bike, as well as links to articles on relevant policy issues including speed limits, pollution and how government should treat cycling during the pandemic.

Latest: There is growing pressure for temporary bike lanes and wider footways to encourage walking, cycling and distancing during the pandemic – as is happening in many cities around the world. There are excellent articles on this from PoP and SPICe linked below under ‘Cycling Policy Issues Raised by the Pandemic.’ Please support rapid action in Scotland by contacting your MSPs and councillors urgently.

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#SpokesMtg cancelled due to #Covid-19

Our March 23 public meeting on Local Bike Campaigning has been cancelled.

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Scottish Budget 20/21

A deal has been struck between the Greens and SNP to get the budget through Parliament. The deal is a significant improvement on the draft budget in terms of transport, including some interesting detailed points as well as the headline changes.

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Spokes Bulletin 136 – year 2020 and beyond

The Spring Spokes Bulletin asks what concrete actions to boost cycle use we’ll see in Edinburgh in year 2020, and what the plans and intentions are between now and 2030?

At Scottish level, what do the experts say on the relationship between transport and climate? – and is the Scottish Government listening? – especially in its draft budget for 2020/21.

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Local Bike Campaigning – March 23 #SpokesMtg

More and more people are fighting for safer conditions to get around by bike – for the environment and climate, for health, for towns and cities not dominated by the car and for a happier life. Our public meeting and our new factsheet tell the many and varied stories of people doing just that – and how you can follow their example.

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Cycling into 2020??

  • Edinburgh – real work beginning!
  • Scottish Government – wait and see
  • UK Government – fixated on road expansion
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#SpokesMtg… bike . e . cargo . hire . storage

Summing up the meeting, our QA chair, Dr Caroline Brown, said that the dots are starting to join up…

  • Cargo Bikes start work this month supporting Leith Walk businesses during the 18-month tramline construction
  • Secure Bike storage starts installation on a significant scale by Spring 2020
  • E-bike Cycle Hire starts operation Spring 2020 – and trials are available now
  • West-East route (CCWEL) construction begins 2020 – government inquiry permitting.
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UK General Election 2019

With virtually all cycling-related policy now a Scottish rather than a UK responsibility we are not asking individual candidates for statements or holding a hustings for the UK General Election. However, as always, we tell you which candidates are Spokes members and give any useful further information including local hustings organised by others.

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Wet & cold, cycling & driving

Our November traffic count provides interesting insights into the impacts of unpleasant weather on road users.

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