November 2015
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Competition: East Lothian triumph!!

The pleasures of East Lothian cycling beat all others in our summer competition, My Favourite Bike Ride, with first prize awarded to Dunbar resident and Spokes member, Mark James… Continue reading Competition: East Lothian triumph!!

Scotland Cycling Cash Uncertainty

Officers responsible for cycling projects in councils around Scotland beg every year for certainty and clarity about what funding will be available in future years, so they can plan sensibly.  But certainty and clarity are looking increasingly unlikely for next financial year, 2016/17… Continue reading Scotland Cycling Cash Uncertainty

Nov 17 public mtg: Climate, Transport & Cycling

With the world climate summit in Paris in December, and huge climate marches in Edinburgh and across the globe on Nov 28/29, our autumn public meeting will consider the relationship between climate change and transport … from trunk roads to cycling … from national politics to how we commute…          Continue reading Nov 17 public mtg: Climate, Transport & Cycling

Waverley Welcome

From Fortress Waverley to Welcoming Waverley!  Spokes congratulates Network Rail on its change of heart, to allow cycle access from Waverley Bridge, thus also removing pushed-bikes from the congested pedestrian footway… Continue reading Waverley Welcome

Cash for cycling – or for trunk roads?

UK Chancellor George Osborne, whilst cutting public transport and active travel, has in effect ring-fenced trunk road construction against cuts.  Will the Scottish Government follow his example or will they use this opportunity to strengthen investment in active and public transport? Continue reading Cash for cycling – or for trunk roads?

Competition: ‘My Favourite Bike Ride’

Everyone with a bike has a favourite ride – tell us yours and you could win a great prize plus some modest fame.   We’ve had feedback that the comp is complicated to enter, but it isn’t!! – see page 2 of the entry form [pdf] or [doc].  We only need a brief description of the route, not every turning.  And two or three sentences (or up to 300 words) of why it’s a favourite.  We’ve not yet had many entries, so you’ve a good chance of a great prize, or at least a runner-up map! Continue reading Competition: ‘My Favourite Bike Ride’

Glasgow-Edinburgh trains: please help

Scotrail are now planning the internal design of the new electric trains which will run on the Edinburgh-Falkirk-Glasgow main line and on various local lines in Central Scotland.  They are consulting Spokes and other organisations… Continue reading Glasgow-Edinburgh trains: please help

“We are happy to welcome bikes”

Edinburgh Trams is the first UK company, and Edinburgh City the first UK Council, to agree to permanent bike carriage on regular tram services* … Continue reading “We are happy to welcome bikes”

Public Mtg calls for Train/Bike space

Over 100 people came to our summer public meeting to talk about bike/rail integration.   The overwhelming concern during an extensive QA session following the presentations was about bike carriage on trains – space and certainty for passengers, and opportunities for operators… Continue reading Public Mtg calls for Train/Bike space

Great 2015 SpokesBB. Next year #SpokesBB!!

Despite a damp June 17, there was a great turnout and lots of appreciative comment at our 2015 Spokes Bike Breakfast. Continue reading Great 2015 SpokesBB. Next year #SpokesBB!!